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                                                                  Joyce Luciano during her Live

                                                                  TV Show,  "Psychically Speaking"                        

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                   Joyce Luciano is a professional Psychic, Astrologer and master of Regular Cards for 45 years.  The internationally acclaimed Psychic has been documented & tested at,  98%  accuracy.   She's worked with Police and the FBI  locating missing persons and has worked on several murders.

                This gifted Psychic is known for her down to earth manner during a Reading and for guiding thousands of people onto their correct life path along with uncanny predictions of their future.  Joyce encourages all clients to print out their Readings and check off all the predictions as they occur.    By phone they can be taped

This vibrant lady did a weekly live television program airing in New Jersey,  where she made predictions for callers (1983-1985 "Psychically Speaking").   The successful show also featured respected visionaries  as weekly guests in the field of Psychic phenomena.  It aired for two years when Joyce traveled to Egypt with an archaeology team for thirty days finding many ancient relics.  She loved the desert so much that six months after her return,  Joyce moved to the great, beautiful state of Arizona.

Some of Joyce's appearances include Midday Live (Bill Boggs) TV program,  Channel 5, New York along with the Academy Award winner,  Vivian Blaine (Guys & Dolls) whom she Read for along with the two other guests,  Masters & Johnson,  research pioneers in the field of human sexuality and their "on hands"  study.

NBC News,  (New York) did yearly lifestyles about Joyce for over ten years.  The first narrator was,  Pia Lindstrom,  sister of  the actress,  Isabella Rossellini, daughters of Ingrid Bergman.  Joyce said,  "it was very exciting to have Ms. Lindstrom narrate,  her famous Mother was one of my favorite actresses,  it was a real treat for me!"

Mr. Reggie Jackson,  did several interviews with Joyce also for,  NBC-TV during the next eight consecutive years. 

In 1982, the TV networks,  CBS,   NBC,  WOR,  ABC  and WPIX all in New York each broadcasted a fifteen minute feature about Joyce that detailed some of her famous Spells on the city of her birth,  Paterson, N. J.,  that was experiencing fiscal woes and at the request of  Mayor "Pat"  Kramer.

In 1985,  Joyce was a guest on,    Nine On New Jersey,  a  live television program that spotlighted famous persons in the state.  It was the first time a taped interview of her was done at her "power spot,"  the landmark,  Great Falls.

This busy lady has appeared on WPAT-Radio for over 12 years, other radio appearances made on WJLK- Asbury Park, N. J. along with their Mayor "Ray" Krammer and the City Council after NBC-TV aired live from,  Convention Hall as Joyce cast a Spell at that Mayor's request.  She also appeared on the BBC-Radio  in,  London,  England and,  Strange Universe (David Ruben) Radio Program (September, October, November 2003) on TRN (Talk Radio Network), G & G on WBT (November 11, 2005).

Designated Paterson,  New Jerseys'   "Official"  Witch in, 1974,  a title she still maintains,   by former Mayor "Pat" Kramer, after she cast a successful prosperity spell on the city and was 'dubbed' as,  Patersons'  "Official Good"   Witch.  The spell brought a very substantial decrease in property taxes until,   1982 when Joyce was upset over the administration's  cutting back with the Police Department.   The city taxes tripled almost overnight.

She's lectured nationwide, some of her seminars include the William Paterson College,  Wayne, N.J.,  the Young Democrats and  the Young Republicans Clubs in Clifton,  N.J.,    The   Blessed Sacrament,  R.C. Church Youth Club,  Paterson,   the YWCA Youth Club in Wayne, N. J.,  The Studio Club,  Jersey City, N. J.,   Saint Ann's Class of 82 Reunion,  Nutley,  N.J.,  The Barge in Carlstadt, N. J.,  The Kurtnicks,  Paterson,  American Legion in New Milford, N. J.,   Corkys in,  Manhattan and other numerous organizations and school systems.

Joyce was a popular fixture with The Board of Recreation in Paterson,  officiating yearly at the citywide Halloween ceremonies for over nine years,  escorted by,  Board President,   Mr. Nick Roca.   She was the Grand Marshall for a parade in Paterson on behalf of muscular dystrophy.

When the waters of the Great Falls her,  "power spot,"  were threatened with diversion by the Hackensack, N. J. Water Co., the specially formed committee,    S-P-L-A-S-H called Joyce to ask her to do a Spell on the water company, she obliged and went a step further to demonstrate a dead Paterson,  without its Falls by being carried down a hill to the stage in a silver coffin by six pall bearers.  When the coffin was set down,  its lid opened with Joyce climbing out to the cheers of the crowd,  she asked all to assist her with the spell by chanting with her.  The Spell was a complete success.   All diversion projects were abandoned,  the waters of the Falls flow even more powerfully than before;  it was cast in 1974.    Joyce says with a smile;  "I wonder if the cast of the Soprano's know that the Falls were almost reduced to a mere trickle,  it was great seeing scenes of the Falls during the  early episodes of the Soprano's!"

Joyce appeared in newspapers throughout the tri-county area,  (N.Y.C.,  N. J.,  Conn.) and some of these feature stores can be viewed by clicking on  the News Articles links above,  including the November, 1999 issue of Playgirl Magazine.  Click the links to each of the eight pages.

She owned Psychic Fair and Psychic Expo from 1977 through 1985,  offering a variety of  25 Readers all tested by her.   The Fairs were taken aboard the cruise ship,  SS Britanis to Bermuda and was featured as a,  Psychic Cruise.   During the voyage a special invitation came from the Captain inviting Joyce and her Readers for afternoon tea.   Joyce predicted the birth of a son for him and an exciting discussion about ghosts ensued afterward. At the Fairs,  she lectured in open forum style,  also doing work- shops with Astrology and Cards.  She still enjoys teaching her beginners Astrology and Regular Cards Courses.  

Joyce authored,  "The Last Diet,"  and is currently writing a manuscript whose main body encompasses, ghosts, hauntings, automatic writing,  and astral experiences with other beings of alternate realms.  She is also retranslating the Quatrains of Nostradamus and reinterpreting them. 

After one of her TV appearances she talked about the world of spirits and her guide,  Uncle Charley (Luciano);   professor Flora Rheta Schreiber of John J. College,  Manhattan and author of the best seller/motion picture,  "Sybil," visited Joyce at her home to   interview her regarding ghosts and her near death in 1963 when she was in a coma for five days,  dead for four minutes.

Joyce still does yearly predictions for the New Jersey Herald News and says,  "the most frightening prediction was a fire in 1985 that left 900 children without a school to attend, but it was fortunate no one was hurt."   This story can be viewed at the Newspaper Articles pages.

Witchcraft has been a way of life for her since,  age seven.  At age sixteen her maternal Grandmother guided her into this birthright then taught her to Read Cards, she passed over one year later leaving her legacy of Witchcraft to Joyce whose Mom,  Adeline, did healings using the Italian,   Mal Occhio.

The public announcement that Joyce was a Witch came in 1974 arising from her concerns for people being victimized through major advertisements offering to teach Witchcraft for huge fees. She felt obliged to speak out and enlighten others that Witchcraft is in the bloodline and cannot be taught,  and clarified that there is a major difference between Witchcraft and Wicca.  Prior to the newstories only a few close friends/relatives knew Joyce was a, Witch.  The public welcomed this informative lady with open arms.

She's guided, helped and predicted the futures of many, many people during her life and plans to continue,  feeling that this is her path.   Click the link to  Read Joyce's Testimonials.

This delightful lady has given many new Readers the opportunity to offer their abilities at her live Fairs.  She still encourages new Readers to contact her for guidance.  Joyce has a dream of enlightening as many people as possible and sends out her Circle of White Light to everyone, wishing them, Prosperity, Peace, Love and Good Health!  Call her now.

                1-888-MY ETHER (1-888-693-8437)   Extension:  Joyce (56923)                                                                       

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