Joyce Luciano was designated Paterson, New Jersey's "Official" Witch in 1974 by former Mayor Pat Kramer....she is a professional, documented Psychic who has been Reading for 43 years....scroll down this page and choose your Reading then click Appointment Scheduler to make your appointment....Romance...Marriage...Children...Job...Health, etc...Joyce will have the answers to all your questions and problems....find out now what lies ahead in your future....

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Joyce does Eight Types of Readings:

  1. Psychic Readings                
  2. Psychic/Astrology Transit Readings
  3. Card Readings (Regular Deck)
  4. Automatic Writing                                                 
  5. Past Life Readings
  6. Natal Charts
  7. Pet Chart Readings
  8. Chart Comparison Readings


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                                  PSYCHIC READINGS

Psychic Readings are done on vibratory energy and psychic impressions Joyce
receives about your past, present and future.
Psychic Readings can be about any subject such as;   your love life, marriage,
children, career, finances etc.
Joyce has been Reading as a professional  Psychic for over 45 years.
Her accuracy is overwhelming.   Her caring and guidance is genuine  for each
one of her satisfied clients.
Joyce also predicts for  politicians,  actors,   media people,  and government
groups, who have consulted with her for many years.
She continually tests at 98% accuracy,  a very high level for a Psychic.
Her manner is relaxed during a Reading, you will feel as if you have known
her all your life.    Be sure to check out her  Testimonials    to see what her
devoted clients have to say about this amazing woman.
As a natural  Psychic,   Joyce does not use any Cards or other divination  
tools during a Psychic Reading....just the power of her mind and uncanny
Psychic ability.  Click the phone icon above to call her now and be amazed!


Psychic Astrology Transits Readings are done by setting up your Natal
Chart.   The Transiting Planets are interpreted in relation to Aspects to
your Natal Planets and the Houses where Transits occur. The Natal Chart
is not interpreted.   
Joyce uses her Psychic ability combining it with the scientific Astrological  
interpretations.    Astrology is pure mathematics.
This Reading is predictive Astrology.  You must know the time of your
birth.  Call her now!


                                   CARD READINGS
Card Readings are done with a regular deck of playing cards using Psychic
ability Reading the Cards. Joyce's Maternal Grandmother taught Joyce to
Read cards in 1955.  She did Readings for family and friends at age 16.
Joyce began Reading professionally in 1960 at age 20.
Joyce asks you to concentrate on wish as she shuffles the Cards for you.
Forty two Cards are used in the Layout.  
She then cuts the Cards  into three separate piles for the first prediction.
Next 42 Cards are laid out in rows.  Six across,  seven down.  Joyce  begins
receiving very strong psychic impressions as she turns over each Card.  
At the end of the Reading Joyce shuffles the Cards again and answers any
specific questions you may have.  Three Rows are laid out and the answer
is given.  The process is repeated for each question you may have.
New clients are pleasantly surprised when Joyce is able to  give them names,
numbers, even makes of cars!  
This is an ancient and   very accurate layout.   It will leave you feeling quite
astonished.    Be sure to have a pad and pen before you call her, she insists
you keep a record of the predictions.   Call Joyce now!


                                         AUTOMATIC WRITING
Automatic Writing cannot be done via email Readings,  it is only available via telephone
for obvious reasons.   This is a form of communication similar to the Ouija Board with the
only difference being the Ouija is implemented with a Planchette.  For the most part it is
done by two people.   Automatic Writing is done by one person using an ordinary pencil
or pen and paper.   Automatic Writing can be utilized to contact those who have passed
over and those who have not yet made the change we call death whereby, we are then
connecting to a living person's sub-conscious mind.   The majority of the communication
is clear however, some words can be mis-spelled and others need some deciphering but
very clear with its messages.    Joyce began using Automatic Writing in 1962  along with
the Ouija.    "It saved my life.  If it had  not been for Uncle Charley  (my ghostly contact)
urging me,   "go see a doctor," or I'll see you soon,"  I may have remained dead.    It was
his warning that got me to the doctor.  I was in a coma for five days and dead for almost
five minutes during which time I  interacted with my  Uncle Charley. "  Joyce's near death
experience was in 1963.  She chose life and believes we make the decision ourselves as to     when we will cross over.  Call her now, click the phone icon at top of page!


                                            PAST LIFE READINGS
Past Life Readings are an excellent way to understand yourself in the present
and give insight as to who you were in the past.  She does Past Life Readings
working with your Natal Chart and Psychic ability which gives you a great deal
of information about yourself.    A Past Life Reading shows why certain people
are involved in your present life in relative to Karma and,  whether it is  your
Karma  that you are working through or helping another to work thru  theirs
which,  in turn,   assists you in settling a Karmic debt when they  helped you.
It is very important to understand why we must endure certain situations/
suffering.   It may seem to be the luck of the draw but it is not and the only
way to fully understand is by going back into your  past lives.  We chose our
parents and this applies to denial of parents as well such as, step-parents or
being raised by grandparents/orphanage, etc.  The soul makes the choices.
Karma should never be thought of as self punishment and should be thought
of in terms  as a method for your soul to grow. 
During this current time there are two soul groups on the planet. Those who
lived on Mu (Lemuria) and those who lived during the times of Atlantis. 
This Reading will reveal 3 to 4 of your past lives and show how you chose to
live them, what you learned or did not learn, why you chose to come back for
each next incarnation as a particular person or gender.    A Past Life Reading
helps you understand yourself better and shows what your current lifepath is
working toward.   It will give you direction to achieve your correct life path.             Click the phone icon o call Joyce now!


                                     NATAL CHARTS
Everyone should have their Natal Chart done at some point in time.  Preferably
done at the time of birth or early infancy.    Unfortunately most people do not
have any idea as to what a Natal Chart is and  believe Astrology is something
read in the daily newspaper or a Horoscope magazine.  Both give Astrology a
bad reputation since these so called predictions are based on the  "Motion Of
The Moon."  This is not Astrology.  Instead of regaining the high valued status
Astrology once held,   it is losing ground  again ,  not only from these so called
newsstand   predictions but from computer generated Natal Charts.  When an
interpretation of a Natal Chart is compiled, the only way it should be compiled
is by a human.  Computer Charts mislead people into believing they are actual
or a  true interpretation of a Natal Chart.   They contain a paragraph  or  two
for the twelve houses along with Aspects.   They cannot and do not give an
in depth valid interpretation.
Why is a Natal Chart so important?  To understand a little better, visualize
someone with a camera standing outside pointing to the sky at the moment
of your birth then....CLICK....they snap a picture of the sky.  This would be a 
a picture of you and only you.   No two Charts are alike.  They are like a set
of fingerprints.   Even  identical twins born a few minutes apart.  You would
be surprised to see how just one degree can make a difference in the Natal
Joyce carefully interprets each of the Twelve Houses by the Sign Ruling each
House, the Planets contained therein and the Aspects being made.  Each of
the Houses addresses a different area of your life.   For example,  the loves
that come into and go out of your life,  your children,  your health,  your job,
type of career best suited for you, your finances, your marriage, your sex life,
religious beliefs, those who have a position of authority above you, your fears,
values and much more.    In short,   a Natal Chart teaches you about the most
important person on earth...you!   Correct interpretation is a time consuming
process and takes Joyce 3 to 4 weeks to complete.    The completed Chart is
100 Pages snail mailed to you for a permanent record and reference that you
will read over and over again.  You must have your correct BIRTH TIME.  Most
Birth Times are recorded on your Birth Certificate or your Birth Record.   You
can get a copy of the Birth Record from your State Capitol or County Seat for
a nominal fee of approximately $5.00.
Next time you need to buy a special baby gift consider giving a Natal Chart, the
parents and the growing child will love you for it.  It will give insight to them by
showing the parents how and where to guide and to know their child.
Natal Chart Fee:    $625.00.   Natal Charts Are Not Done via phone.  Please use the                                      Appointment Scheduler   for Natal Charts.


                                       PET CHART READINGS
Pet Chart Readings give excellent insight of their personality and can be done for
Cats,   Dogs,  Parrots and all other birds, Rabbits, Hamsters, etc.     Whatever your
Pet  may be they too are governed by the Signs and Planets.   
If you are lucky enough to know their Time of Birth this is a bonus.  If not......don't
despair.   They can still  have a Reading using Rectification.  Both still   require their
Date and year.  A Natal Chart explains  his/her characteristic's.  You learn exactly
what makes you pet tick;  their likes,  dislikes,  personality,  adaptability and weak
spots they may have healthwise.    If you plan to bring a new Pet home,   a   Chart   
can let you know what to expect insofar as compatibility is concerned. 
This is called Chart Comparison.  It is compiled the same way that they are done 
between two people.
Many are unaware that a Reading can be done for their Pet.    The following is a
few paragraphs of a Pet Chart Reading done for a baby African Grey Parrot who
is born under the Sign of Gemini:
"He has great sensitivity toward everything that's going on around him which can give rise to
mood swings.   He feels happiest when he's around  family and will have the desire to take care
of you.     He has a strong nurturing instinct and  will be  very, very, protective of you.   He  will
peck at your hair as if he were preening his child.  The nurturing instinct will make him tend to
be a little emotional as he feels both an empathetic and sympathetic level as to whatever may
be bothering/troubling you.  He senses your moods, (discord, happy, etc.).    His home life needs
to be happy, peaceful, calm.      This little guy is possessive about his food, so....don't touch his
food tray once you've fed him.  He likes his food tray to be full,  even if,  he doesn't eat all of it
he just wants to know that it is there in the event he may want to eat it all up anyway.
Although he enjoys being in his home,  he is adaptable.   This will make for less difficulty when
you may need to board him.  He will do this with ease thus, more of a pleasant one rather than
have to board him when you vacation and he does this with ease making it more
Jester won't mind being friendly with visitors provided they don't get too close to him,  he will
be the one who decides whether or not they should.
He has new ideas and is very inventive with an ingenious mind.  He will always find new ways to
do old things.  Don't be surprised to find him dangling from his little ladder or some other toy in
an unconventional position.  He's a smart bird with a willingness to learn and will be a real talker.
Leave the radio on for him when you go to work, it will keep him entertained and he will pick up
new phrases and be anxious to let you know what he learned during his day."
Pet Chart Readings:   $150.00.       Chart Comparison Reading:  $195.00. 
They are fascinating,  helpful, very interesting and  make a great,   unique gift.
Pet Chart Readings are not done via phone.  Please Schedule via the Appointment
Scheduler link:          Appointment Scheduler                      


For Chart Comparison, Joyce works with your Natal Chart your companion. They
can be done for a new relationship,  a couple planning to marry, and those who
plan a business partnership.  This is a valuable Astrology tool and one that can
illustrate how two people get along romantically, sexually, temperament, etc.
Whether  marriage or business before making that final commitment it is wise
to do Chart Comparison.  Find out beforehand as to how the relationship will fare           rather than cry later.  Call Joyce!

           More Information About Joyce's Readings

    Still Only $1.99 a minute!
   Joyce asks all  clients to takes notes during a Reading and to keep it as
   a permanent record. 
   You're going to love her after she has Read for you and you will feel as if
   if you have known her all your life.
   After a Reading with Joyce most people say they can feel that their luck is
   beginning to change,  troubles start fading away.    This is  her   powerful
   energy.   She can't explain how or why it happens,  it just does and she
   enjoys sharing it.  Clients agree there is  something  different and  good
   they feel after she Reads for them.  This will be a Reading you won't forget.
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